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How to maintain your heating and cooling unit

Cleanliness of your unit and how to maintain it

With El Nino throwing everything it has at us, it is important to clean your air conditioning and heating unit in preparation for the hard work it is about to do, in order to make sure that it is functioning efficiently and effectively.

As with all mechanical devices Air con unit are exposed to a lot of dirt and grime during their day to day operation. Some simple cleaning and basic maintenance can help extend the time between services as well as extending the overall lifespan of your heating and air conditioning unit.

We do recommend dependant on the age of the unit that a professional perform the service every 12 – 18 months dependant upon the age of the unit and the regularity of its use. However the following key items can be checked over by yourself with relative ease if you wish to improve performance between services.

The owners manual is your friend

Before attempting any work on a unit it is important to first consult the owners manual. Familiarise yourself with what the various parts are called, the manufacturers recommended maintenance procedure, which systems are related, and where danger points are within your unit. If your unit does present symptoms of a greater issues calling a professional is going to be the safer option rather than attempting the first maintenance yourself.

Before starting any cleaning please do ensure that the power to the internal and external part of the unit is fully switched off. It is recommended to also wear disposable gloves to keep your hands clean and free from some of the grime that accumulates within the unit.

The cooling fins

As the fins spin and air passes over them during operation of the unit particulates of dirt and debris from the air are also pulled over the fins. After an amount of tie of operation some of the dirt and debris will accumulate and stick to the fans. This accumulation over time will lower the efficiency of your unit and require attention to keep it running smoothly. Generally a vacuum with a soft brush attachment will be sufficient to to clean the build up off. Follow the owners manual to ensure that you remove the cover properly and then inspect the xposed cooling fins. If a visual inspection reveals major damage call heating and aircon repairs online to get expert help.

Lubrication time

As with all mechanical parts proper lubrication will ensure that there is no unnecessary friction causing issues within the unit. Lubricating the ports on the fan motor should be done after cleaning. It is important to not spill lubricant as having lubricant in the wrong places will act like a magnet for dirt and grime, so be sure to take care with this part. Check the motor oil required as part of the owners manual to be certain you use the right grade of oil.

Time to turn the condenser back on

Similar to a fridge there is a procedure that must be followed to restart a condensing unit after any work has been completed to ensure that the systems stay functioning properly. It is vital to consult the owners manual to follow the correct procedure, if in doubt please call a technician to perform this service. Once you have completed the start up procedure you will know it has been effective the uncovered tube should be warm to touch, and the covered tube should remain cool to touch.

Next it is time to work on the head unit.

Again follow the operator manual to ensure all power is properly disconnected from the unit ready for maintenance.

Filthy Filters

Consult the manual for directions on how to remove the cover of your unit properly without damaging it. Visually inspect the filter for debris. Clean the filter as directed in the manual, if after following the procedure there appear to still be a build up on the filter it may be time to consider replacing the filter. The manual will include specifications of the required part. If you are unsure please call a professional for help.

Clean the Evaporator

The evaporator fins, similar to the condensing unit need a good clean over with a soft brush attachment on a vacuum cleaner. There are tubes within the evaporator which also should be cleaned however is you have not done this before it is probably best to call an experienced technicians from heating and air con repairs online.

Restart the indoor unit

Once the unit is all clean and the casing have been replaced and tightened up as per the owners manual it is time to restart the unit and check its functionality. Turn the power back on and set the thermostat to cool to check that the unit is blowing cold air. Visually inspect the unit and the units housing to ensure there are no lose parts rattling after the work has been completed. Also ensure to listen to the unit for a period of time to ensure that there is nothing which is loose, particularly with the cooling fins that there is nothing obstructing them.

If you would like a professional to work on the unit for you call heating and air con online and let the professionals get to work for you.