Braemar has developed a reputation for excellence and reliability with its award-winning gas heating range, as well as its market-leading evaporative air conditioners. Braemar is manufactured in Australia by Seeley International, a certified quality endorsed company. Braemar is the oldest of Seeley International's brands. Braemar commenced operations as a manufacturer in 1938 in Abbotsford, now an inner city suburb of Melbourne, Australia. The name Braemar is believed to have been taken from a postcard at the time of registration. Founded by Harold Brennan and Alfred Capp, its operations were centred on the manufacture of wood or briquette fired hot water services Today, Braemar remains one of Australia's most recognised and trusted brand names. Braemar products maintain unique design features and character from other Seeley International products and many former Braemar employees still work for Seeley International to ensure the projection of around 70 years of tradition into the future.

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