Comfort and efficiency is our priority.

It goes without saying that our clients want their heating and air conditioning maintained to perform at its optimal level all year round, providing maximum comfort for your home. We aim to improve the efficiency and reliability or your air conditioning and heating unit through regular monitoring and maintenance, which ultimately leads to lower costs by extending the life or your heating and air conditioning unit.

The core of our business is our comprehensive Preventative Maintenance Program (PMP) which ensures your air conditioning unit working at an optimal level all year round. We can also provide a heater service and maintenance program.

Our heating and air conditioning maintenance program ensures that all routine inspections and service work is completed, minimising the potential for breakdowns and importantly ensuring that your system complies with essential safety requirements and relevant Australian Standards. Regular heating or air conditioning maintenance and servicing will ensure your CO emissions are not putting your family at risk

An effective heating and air conditioning preventative maintenance program in place for your unit means you

  • Save on your household energy bills
  • Increase the lifespan of your heating or air conditioning unit
  • Reduce repair and maintenance costs
  • Ensure that your unit is always functioning even on the most extreme days

Talk to one of our experts about beginning your heater or air conditioner preventative maintenance program today and make sure you are getting the most out of your heating and cooling unit.

We repair Split System Air Conditioners


If your heating or air conditioning unit has an operational failure and is in need of repair, DO NOT turn the unit on and off persistently. This will only lead to further damaging the heating or air conditioning unit and potentially increase the costs associated with repair. Instead call a qualified heating and air conditioning technician now.

Heating air conditioning units contain internal systems all reliant on each other to function and make your home or business as comfortable as possible. Bring in a technical expert with the relevant know how to first diagnose the issue with your heating and cooling unit and get your air conditioning unit functioning.

Our highly skilled heating and cooling technicians ensure that all internal systems of your air conditioning unit have functionality checked and verified. Incorrect diagnosis can lead to further more costly problems occurring, our decade of operation equips us with the experience to understand the intricacies in the heating and air conditioning systems.

We have also developed strong relationships with the manufacturers of heating or air conditioning units throughout years of operation. We undergo manufacturer endorsed training for all of our technicians in each of the heating and air conditioning unit types. We also have access to all replacement parts on demand to speed up the repair process for you.

Some common issues you will face which could lead to a repair of your heating and cooling unit being necessary include

  • Poor maintenance record
  • Inadequate servicing
  • Leaking ducts and pipe work
  • Low airflow or not blowing air
  • Low or leaking refrigerant
  • Thermostat malfunctions
  • Electronic control failure
  • Unit emitting a bad odour
  • Loud banging or vibration noises


Our Qualified technicians can look after the complete installation of your heating and air conditioning unit in your home and ensure that installation is completed as per manufacturer recommendations and in accordance with all relevant australian standards. The benefits of having one of our experts install your unit rather than an unqualified tradesmen include

  • Maximisation of the life expectancy of your heating or air conditioning unit
  • Ensuring optimal efficiency of your heating or air conditioning unit
  • Considerations include
    • The what is the room size
    • What are the building materials used in the space
    • Insulation properties of the room
  • What areas need cooling or heating
  • Compliance with manufacturer and Australian standards
  • Do I want to be able to control my thermostat remotely
  • What are the costs involved in installing a particular type of heating or air conditioning unit
  • What are the running costs of each type of heating or air conditioning unit

Based on the above analysis, we will determine the optimal positioning of your heating or air conditioning units within your home as well as the correct type of heating or air conditioning unit to be installed for your needs. We can then take care of all wiring, plumbing, plastering or relevant conduit work required to ensure that the installed heating or air conditioning unit has a minimal impact on the appearance of your room and maximum impact on the comfort levels..

We repair Split System Air Conditioners


Repair or install a new heating or air conditioning unit?

When your heating or air conditioning unit has failed in your home and you are left with the choice of whether to repair the existing heating or air conditioning unit or to go ahead and purchase a new unit for installation, it is not always as simple as finding the cheapest option. There is an abundance of information available to consumers to help try and guide them through the decision, brands, unit types, energy efficiencies, geographical considerations. Unfortunately this can leave you the consumer feeling overwhelmed and unsure of the best step to take next. WE ARE HERE TO HELP.

We are here to help!

A quotation from one of our expert technicians will help you navigate the information overload and nut out your pros and cons list to make an informed decision. Sometimes the cheaper option of repair is going to suit your needs if they are only temporary, however is not always the correct long term solution. Our trained heating and cooling engineers will work with you onsite to discuss what you require from your heating or air conditioning system and what is going to be the most cost effective option for you in your individual situation.

We service every brand

We service every brand of heating and cooling unit on the market. This includes all the major brands such as Actron Air, Aqua Breeze, Bonaire, Braemar, Breezair, Brivis, Carrier, Celair, Coolair, Daikin, Fujitsu, Hitachi, LG, Midea, Mitsubishi Electric, Panasonic, Rinnai, Samsung, Sharp, Toshiba, Vulcan, and many more!

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