Split System Air Conditioning

Split System

Split system and reverse cycle split system Air conditioning units are some of the most common in the marketplace. A Split system derives its name from being exactly that, a two part system with and external condensing unit located outside, and an internal head unit generally attached to a wall.

Split systems air conditioners are popular as they are small in size, minimising the visual impact in the room they are located. Split systems also allow a large degree of flexibility in how they are to be installed, generally a back to back installation is preferred. Cooling in a split system is achieved through refrigerant compression and evaporation systems working in conjunction with each other.

There are some drawbacks to Split System Air conditioners. They are generally only able to provide cooling for smaller spaces, and do not have the capability for multi zone cooling that is possible with a multi head or Ducted system. They can also have higher operating costs than a ducted system would.

Multi Head Split system

Working using the same principles as a standard Split System Air conditioning unit. Multi head split system air conditioners have one single compressor outside your home with multiple wall mounted units inside, allowing you to take advantage of multi zone cooling. Multi head Split systems are slightly more expensive to install as the compressor requires extra power to function correctly, however are a cheaper to install option than a full ducted system. Multi Head split systems are also able to be set up by our technicians as an addition to your current units.

Ceiling, Floor and Cassette Consoles

If the internal wall mounted unit is not fitting with you design plans for you home, there are some alternative available. Ceiling floor and Cassette air conditioning units are designed to be as streamlined as possible with you property, having almost no visual impact on the room. When considering which option is the right one for you speak with our experts to determine the best options. We provide advice on optimal positioning of units taking into consideration the size and type of room to be cooled and what you needs are.

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